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CT Pocket - Medium - Cordura 500D Nylon

CT Pocket - Medium - Cordura 500D Nylon

Giá thông thường $11.00 USD
Giá thông thường $11.00 USD Giá bán $11.00 USD
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A beautiful little utility product designed and manufactured in Vietnam by Chuyentactical.
This pocket will help you pack all your papers, money and small EDC accessories to take with you every day. It functions like a regular wallet, but the functionality is completely new.

Hope you enjoy the new experiences with this accessory.
Welcome to the Tactical, EDC community - a community of active men, ready for any situation, whoever you are, wherever you are.


- Shell fabric: Cordura Nylon 500D.
- Lining: Ripstop 210D.
- YKK Zippers.
- Puller: Paracord made in USA by Atwoodrope.


17 x 13.5 cm


- Minimalist, lightweight design.
- Built-in 2 modules on both sides of the bag for you to attach a key chain or strap (not included)
- Front main compartment with YKK zip.
- Inside the main compartment there is a partition that divides more small compartments.
- High-Vision interior design (High-Vision interior design)
- The back has extra compartments for pens, lights, Multi-Tools, cards, etc.

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